Unique Stories And Tales About Alien Abduction (1/8)
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#8 The Abduction In Waterway
This is one of the most popular cases of alien abduction. It was 1976 in Maine when a twin brother Jim and Jack Weiner together with their friends Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak did a night-fishing trip. They built a big fire alongside the Eagle Lake bank as they were on the lake in their canoes when they saw a dazzling object above the sky. This object started to change its colors and then one of the men gives a warning to it through a flashlight. The UFO was moving toward them and sent a ray of light above. The next thing they remember was they were all sitting on the shoreline then the big fire they had built had burned out totally forming a mountain of frosty ash.

The men returned home and were troubled by nightmares. They only thing they have remembered was that they were subjected to humiliation and persistent experiment by the aliens inside a spacecraft. They were abducted and became were tested through removal of bodily fluids and semen. All of them had undergone hypnosis sessions. They have passed the lie-detector tests confirming that they were not lying.
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