Bizarre And Rare Diseases You Might Want To Know (1/9)
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#9 Lymphatic Filariasis
This disease is also called as " elephantiasis ", a parasitic disease caused by parasitic worms such as the Brugia malayi, Wuchereria bancrofti, and the B. timori. It can be transferred by blood-feeding arthropods such as mosquitoes and black flies. When a female mosquito that is infected bites of a human being, it will inject the microfilariae (the worm larvae) into the blood of its victim. The parasites will multiply all over the bloodstream and will subsist there for several years. The symptoms of this disease usually appear for how long years after the infection. Since the parasites stay in the bloodstream, they will restrict the blood circulation and some fluid may build up around the tissues. The Lymphatic filariasis commonly enlarge the infected person's legs and arms, breasts, and genitalia.

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