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Most unimaginable place that a person lived
Shopping Mall
Michael Townsend together with his friends decided to live on a mall in 2003. If you’re wondering how the heck did they go unnoticed, they constructed their place from an area away from public view and covered with bricks. They made it fully furnished and lived there for 4 years until guards discovered their hideout.
Amazing Dolphin Abilities
Pain Tolerance
Every creature would barely move, if ever he/she can, if a flesh is taken away from them. No one would be able to tolerate pain from the bones and flesh without medication except for the dolphins. It’s not that they don’t feel any kind of pain but they are also very sensitive to pain. However their natural painkillers allow pains from exposed nerve endings are as strong as morphine. After a day of injury, they are seen playing around with no single sign of pain.
Amazing acts of Love
Norma and Gordon Yeager
The couple are both in their 90s when they had a car accident. Both were placed in ICU. They were holding hands and barely unresponsive. Gordon passed away and Norma, still holding his hand, followed an hour later. The couple had a sweet 72 years of marriage.
Why your way of losing weight is not effective
Your diet is not really a diet
We swear to ourselves that we would go on a healthy diet from now on in order to put off some weight. So we begin shopping and looking for what we think are healthy alternatives to our usual “fast-food” style diet. However, what we don’t realize is that some foods appear to be healthy but pack much higher calorie content so you end up gaining weight. Next time check the label first.
Creepy deep sea creatures
Imagine a fried fish that has suddenly been alive and swimming. That’s how the Viperfish look. Found at 80 to 1600 meters, it is definitely horrifying. It has light organs that use a process called bioluminescence to emit light. The organs are placed on different parts of his body to serve as bait to small fishes that it preys.
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